Sunday Services

The Morning Service starts at 10:30 and usually finishes at 11:45 with refreshments in the foyer

This is Family Worship to which all are welcome and usually includes a children's address. The songs and hymns are a mixture of traditional and more contemporary music. Music is led both on the organ and by a Praise group of musicians and singers. 

Youngsters of school age share in the first 20-30 minutes of the Morning Service, then go to Junior Church (Sunday School). There is a crèche for small children. The first Sunday of the month is often an all-age service with Boys' & Girls' Brigades present in their uniforms.

In addition to services led by ordained ministers services are also led by members of the church and other lay preachers. Use is made of multimedia and video.


The Evening Service starts at 6:30pm and normally finishes at 7:30pm

This service aims to cater for the needs of those seeking a more traditional worship service.


Holy Communion is celebrated on the first Sunday evening and the second and fourth Sunday mornings every month. All who love the Lord, of whatever church background, can share in the Communion Service and take the Bread and Wine. Children, once prepared, may also take part. A prayer of blessing is offered to all children and to anyone else who would like to receive this.